Mempool is a BCH-focused pool, but we also support mining BTC. We run two node implementations: Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Core, mining on two chains: BCH(SV) and BTC.

Mempool has a unique feature that allows you, the miner, to choose in which coin you get paid. Some miners have different preferences on coins based on the coin’s liquidity in the market, or their integration with their financial infrastructure.

So, in summary, you choose which chain you mine and how you get paid:

You can change these options in your Settings page.

Payout Coin

The payouts to miners of a coin different than the chain they mined come from our Treasury. You can also participate in the treasury. Learn more on the Treasury section below.

The calculation to figure out how much of a coin you receive is made by using a moving average price from exchanges. We use exchanges’ ticker to create a moving average from the past 24 hours.

Account balances are withdrawable after 100 block confirmations so that the pool will not be affected by chain reorgs.

We encourage you to hold the coin you believe will be more valuable in the future. The decision is in your hands. If BCH becomes cash for the world, it could have more and more people using it over time and become more in demand than BTC.


As a thank you to our early adopters, for a limited time, we will use these spectacularly generous fees:

  • Mining pool fee: 0% (* when we are solo mining a chain)
  • Coin conversion fee: 0%

We will be able to solo mine BCH from the launch, but to solo mine BTC profitably, we need to have at least 2 Exahash. So before we grow large enough, we will use a partner pool to point our hash to and combine with theirs. The Partner pool fee starts at 5% and goes down the more hash you bring. You can view your fee level in the Settings page. The partner pool fee only applies to BTC; BCH mining is completely free.

Fee changes will be communicated with you with 48 hours notice.


The treasury functions as the source of coins for payouts to miners. Approved accounts can deposit and withdraw from their account in the treasury. If you would like to be considered for approval, use the support links in the interface footer.

The treasury uses a separate account for each coin type: BCH(SV) and BTC. When a block is mined, the block rewards are distributed to the treasury accounts that were used to make payouts to the miners.

During early adoption, the pool fees are set to 0%. That means, Treasury depositors only convert coins rather than earn from their deposits. In the future, the mining pool fee and the coin conversion fee will be collected from miners and shared among the relevant treasury accounts in accordance with their share.

For right now though, think of the treasury as a way to convert BTC into BCH(SV) coins.

Mining Chain

  • Before the November 15th hard fork, you can opt to mine BTC and incur the partner pool fee described in the Fees section or mine the BCH chain with no fee (0%).
  • During the hash battle on the BCH chain starting on November 15th the whole pool will focus on mining the BCH(SV) chain. You may still receive your payouts converted into BTC by the Treasury.
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