With the gradual elimination of CPU and GPU mining, ASIC miners has become the darling of mining industry because of its absolute advantage in computing power. ASIC miners use ASIC chips as core computing components. This chip is simple and efficient and its performance far exceeds the current computer processing.

As a result of many new companies entering the ASIC mining market, different products exists at different prices.

With so many different machines on the market, how can we judge the overall performance of the miners? Which of the current mainstream miners is better in terms of revenue?

Comparison of TOP10 bitcoin miners and related parameters in 2019

TOP10 bitcoin miners in 2019 and revenue comparison

(Current bitcoin prices: $3660.41)

Antminer S9 is the first miner to use the BM1387 (16nm process) chip independently developed by Bitmain. The first generation of S9 was released in July 2016, and now its computing power has grown to 13.5T, which is still a high rate of return for a miner. At present, the official website has stopped selling S9 models and second-hand Antminer S9 sells at around $150.00.

Antminer S9i is an upgraded version of the S9, which improves the heat dissipation structure on the basis of S9, thus optimizing the energy efficiency ratio of the miner. S9i is not available for sale on the English website. The current price on the Chinese website is ¥2300 (about $340). At the current bitcoin price, the return period is around 550 days.

Antminer S9j basically inherits and continues the various designs of the Ant classic mining machine in terms of the appearance, operation principle and assembly mode. It has no major new features but has upgraded and optimized the chip’s core frequency and power consumption. The current price of S9j 14.5T on the official website is $307. The price is reasonable, and the return period is about 470 days.

Avalon A821 uses aluminum casing, aluminum power board and double-layer heat sink to achieve the best heat dissipation effect. 8 6PIN power interfaces and independent power modules can reduce damage to the power interface, thus reducing the machine rework rate. It is not being sold on the current official website but if bought second hand, the price is around $65.

Avalon A841 is highly regarded for both performance and computing power. The A3210 (16nm process) power chip has achieved a perfect balance between power and power consumption, thus ensuring the stable income of investors. The market price is around $110.

Avalon A851 is an optimized upgrade to the Avalon A841 with an increased computing power of 14.5TH/s and is optimized for reliability and stability. Avalon A851 also improved the overheat protection function, effectively protecting the safety of user investment. The standard issue price is about $155.

The appearance of the Avalon A921 is not much different from that of the Avalon mining machine mentioned above. Instead, the chip has been upgraded, using the latest A3206 (7nm process), which has certain advantages in power and power consumption ratio. The Avalon A921 is very popular even in the current bitcoin bear market stage. At present it has been sold out on the official website and the price of the bare metal product is about $215.

Whatsminer M3 is an ASIC bit mining machine with a 28nm chip. It uses dual fan convection heat dissipation, all metal body with high calculation rate, good heat dissipation, no burning, stable operation and so on. Unfortunately, compared to other mining machines, the current computing power and power consumption is lagging behind competitors somewhat. On its official website it is priced at $50.

Whatsminer M10 is compact and sturdy, and the hardware and background operating systems are optimized to improve mining efficiency and operational stability. The unit power consumption of 65W/T is considered one of the best in its class. The daily net income of a single mining machine is also at industry leading level. The official website price is $1022.

EBIT E9i mining machine has been loved by miners since its release. It uses the latest self-developed chips from Yibang with an average power of 13.5TH/S. Low power consumption, high power output and an independent heat sink for better heat dissipation. On the official website it is now available at $745.

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